Ice Skating

For two days in a row me and my dad have taken pretty long ice skating sessions and we got a lot done. We did the half flip jump on Sunday, and today we did the waltz jump. I was so happy when my dad got excited when he knew he could do a new technique. We would start by watching Coach Julia’s ice skating tutorials on YouTube, then we would warm up before going to the wall to practice the technique. Once had built up enough confidence to try it, we would go to a practice area at the middle of the rink and try it. Sometimes we would fall, other times we would do it first try.

So ice skating is really fun and I love it when I learn a new technique. My brothers seem to have lost interest in it though.

One thought on “Ice Skating

  1. Thank you for inspiring me to learn new techniques. I really enjoy skating with you. You’re a good figure skater. Keep up the good work. It’s a great sport.


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