Free Write #2

I’m loving school so far, and my favorite class is either Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) or History. I’m also going to start sewing in FACS next week. I built a LEGO Stryker with an auto turret. I’ve read like, three books in the last three weeks. I have Archery on Wednesday, Ice skating on Thursday, and Boy Scouts on Friday. Also I built a small vehicle called the Scarab and put a gun on it. I relearned the waltz jump because I forgot and was kind of scared, and I take Freestyle 1 in Ice skating. I play a lot of Minecraft and Roblox. My youngest brothers birth day is today, and my cousins was on Wednesday. Sorry I haven’t posted in a while and I also learned how to sew.

First Week Back

I got back to school on the 23rd. I attend Robinson Secondary School, and I’m pretty excited for the upcoming weeks. I have Math, Science, Physical Education, Spanish, English, Advisory, US History Honors, and Family and Consumer Science. I found my friends and old classmates in the halls. I also made two new friends. I really want to learn how to cook. And my teachers are very friendly. My favorite is probably English teacher. The downside is that I have to walk really far so my mom can pick me up. I have to walk like a quarter mile to get to our pickup zone, which is right outside my cousins school.

Myrtle Beach

The week before summer let out was the week we went to Myrtle Beach, we loved to jump in the waves and swim in the pool. Our condo wasn’t so enjoyable though, because the entire place was dusty, and our room was the worst. It had a fan hanging from the ceiling and it was caked with dust, and my cousins kept coming in and throwing pillows at the fan and turning it on,. Me, Dan, and Khoi eventually banned them from our room. The worst part is since the ground is so dusty, when they come into the room they don’t wipe their feet and climb onto the beds, the dust gets all over the beds. When we where bored we played a game with each other a dungeon game and in it we raid dungeons and fight monsters for loot. Khoi’s character is a god, Dan’s is a monster, and mine is a skilled mercenary who likes to fish. The towels they gave us were rough and I hated using them. Because of the dust I would get all itchy and have to put lotion on. On the final day we went to the boardwalk and got about 6000 to 7000 tickets combined. The prizes were pretty janky though, so it wasn’t worth it. We also went to a candy kitchen and I got a bag of jelly beans. This vacation was fun except for all the dust. I love JELLY BEANS.


Me, my dad, Dan, Xuan, and sometimes Khoi, go to soccer a few days a week. And no, not the soccer camp or team or whatever, we just play against each other and do penalty kicks and that sort of stuff. My dad is really good, whereas me, Khoi and Dan are just starting out, but we already beat him in a couple of matches already, at least, me and Khoi have. Dan wants to go on my dads team all the time, but I think he wants to just because he knows he will win. Also, when ever he falls or trips or things like that, he blames it on one of us and tackles them. We do so much soccer now my foot is starting to ache, is its harder for me to run. My shoes also are kind of broken, the Velcro (Please don’t make fun of me) is wearing out, so the strap falls off a bunch when I am in the middle of a game. I won three games in a row already I think. I need to work on controlling the ball, especially since my foot hurts, so I don’t lose it and have to go running after it. Dan needs to work on passing and not raging, and Khoi needs to work on being at the right place.

From Dirt to Diamonds

It was a nice day, the birds were chirping, the trees were swaying until someone shouted,”Skeletons!,”. I rushed to battle, Iron Sword in hand, shield blocking arrows as I cut a skeleton in half.  My friends were right behind me blocking with shields and slicing with either an axe or spear.  A hurt soldier to my right, dead creeper to my front, dead soldiers to my back, it was chaos.  My shield here was probably worth more than a diamond, because most of the dead soldiers for our side had no shield, and the dead soldiers who did had probably had weak armour.

“ Why won’t these mobs stop attacking?” said an older soldier to my right.

“It’s because we have loot we stole from them for the rest of the army,” I replied.

It was after the battle when I learned how much they lost

“They lost twenty three and we lost forty five,” the report said.

I wondered who those people who died were.

I’d have to ask later because I was getting pretty tired, so I just went to bed.

I keep keep waking up to calls of monsters, today was the worst yet.

I woke up this morning hearing, “We’re under attack!”.

I rushed outside to see what was happening.  I saw two men, one with a broken shield and no armour except for leggings, and the other one had a broken sword with a missing chestplate with an arrow in the shoulder pad.

Then I saw it.  

Hundreds of Zombies charging out of the forest at our city walls. We fired arrows and hit them with whatever we had. I saw many zombies go down, but it wasn’t good enough.

“Prepare for SIEGE!!!!’,I shouted so loud the guy next to me nearly fell over.

I saw the soldiers closing the gates to the city.  And people near me pulled  back the strings of their bows.  

“OPEN FIRE!!”, our commander shouted as we released the strings and let the arrows fly into the bodies of the monsters with my bow,but for some reason mine didn’t do anything just like a couple of others.

  I looked ahead and saw an Eveyer, using spells to make our arrows fly in the wrong direction.  I aimed in the direction of the Eveyer and nailed him in the head.  

He looked at me and summoned swords, hitting the wall with extreme strength,”Hurrrrr,” he grunted and then tried to retreat.  

I put a stop to that after the arrow struck his leg and he disappeared in a puff of smoke.

After the “Eveyer” incident, me and about 34 more men went down to fight with swords in the swarm of zombies.  

It was horrible down there.  And to make matters worse, my sword shattered in the middle of the fight, and what I did to replace it was something I’m not very happy with, but I broke the wall and made myself a stone sword.  Hopefully nobody noticed that tons of creepers blew up the wall because of that hole.

Looks like someone noticed the hole.  Now I have something like a court case.  

“Rune, the reason we lost the wall and the men on it is because of your decision.”  the mayor said” And now we have to spend thousands of gold and money for our wall!

“He did no such thing” my defender said” It would have been worse if he stayed without a weapon!”


“He would have been punching with his fists and could not have killed the zombies pouring into the city, if not he wouldn’t have been able to save you!”

It was true, the mayor was attacked by five zombies. If it weren’t for my stone sword, he would have been dead.

“Fine then.  This case is solved,”the mayor dismissed us.

I went to school the next day, I got harassed a lot.  They said TRAITOR and ROGUE.

The teacher had to stop them from hitting me with CHAIRS.

She said sorry and gave me two emeralds, the currency for our village, and said use them for lunch because the people who harassed me took mine.

I bought rabbit stew for lunch. It tasted amazing.  But it costs all two emeralds :(.

I finished school and headed home.  A slime landed on a building.  It looked down on me and hopped on my face.


I tore the slime off my face and saw more slimes on the wall.  I looked around.  My friend, Spruce was behind me holding an iron sword, and a bunch of other people were behind him.

His face was of pure horror, he pointed behind me and I turned around.  A huge army of mobs were on the wall, from zombies to skeletal horsemen, they were armed to the TEETH, LITERALLY, a zombie had iron on his teeth, it looked disgusting and I heard someone throw up.  I pulled out my new iron sword, it was enchanted with Critical strike V, Protection lV, and Wither Vll.  It was a very powerful sword. Then I realized I didn’t have any armour except for a chainmail chest plate.  Then the zombies charged.  I pulled out my shield and blocked three arrows.  Our archers, codenamed archi, rained arrows down on the mobs.  Me and other people with shields  made a wall to defend against incoming zombies.  But they were too powerful, their skeleton horsemen broke the shield wall and killed many of our archers and took out our horsemen.  We were forced back to the middle of town and set up a makeshift fort.  We fought for ten days and were defeated.  We had to abandon the village and run.  Many of our horses were killed or captured.  But I managed to get a white horse and run with supplies to last me weeks.

Spruce was injured badly so I had to make a wagon and get him.  We managed to escape.  I had lost my sword, my armour and my shield had broken on the top.  We were on the run when we spotted a village. It was much bigger than ours.

Me and Spruce went in to trade.

We’d brought 783 emeralds.  So we traded for some items.

I got an obsidian sword, a new shield made of iron and some really good leather armour.  The armour had Protection Xl, Thorns lX, and Unbreaking Xlll, my obsidian sword had Dark Edge X, it’s like sharpness but for every point equals 2 more damage.  Spruce got a diamond sword with Sharpness V.  He also got iron armour with Protection ll.

While we were deciding what to buy next with our remaining emeralds a soldier in golden armour rushed through the gates of the village.  He said to evacuate and run.

“Why?” someone asked.

“Because an army of mobs is coming.” 

Everybody started panicking.  Then the gates burst open, mobs poured out slaughtering innocent civilians and raiding the place. Then an army of soldiers came out. They  fought bravely and we joined them, but we were defeated again. We had to run.  We managed to get out fast enough that no zombies followed us.

We had 509 emeralds left and we had all our stuff plus tons of food.

We decided to go to the elven forests because we knew those were one of the safest places on the continent. It took three weeks, but we made it.  We met an elf named Maple, she was so happy to see newcomers that she almost passed out.  She invited us into her home and made us something called mushroom meldie, it tasted SO GOOD.  She gave us clothes made of woven moonshade fiber; it gave us Swiftness lll and Regeneration lV.  And it gave us the armour points of iron.  She also gave us upgrades for our weapons so now my sword has not only Dark Edge X, but also has Subzero Vl so that means it has a 60% chance to freeze your enemies.  Spruce got Crying Flame ll It makes fire when you touch the ground and makes a horrible sound to distract monsters.

“Thank you so much,” I said.

“No problem,” she replied.

“How about you join us for our adventure?”


“Yeah I guess you could”said Spruce

“THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!”she shrieked

She started packing necessary supplies and tons of food like mushroom meldie, while me and Spruce went around looking for another horse, because three people plus a wagon full of stuff is extremely heavy for one horse.  We found a black horse with a white star shape on his neck.  We found out he’s male and our white one is female, so we can breed them and start a horse selling business.

We headed back and started riding to the west, toward the mighty kingdoms.

Zombies and skeletons attacked us multiple times.  And apparently Maple is a Mage, she did this Sword spell that totally annihilated them. 

“Nice job” I said


Maple brought nearly 5000 emeralds!!! It was so much we could buy 2 advanced crafting tables, and each cost 2500!!!

We found a city.  It was smaller than the elven one, but still it was huge.  We found a tavern and slept there for the night.

We ordered cooked mutton, some bread, and baked potatoes.  All together it cost 28 emeralds, not that bad for all the food we ordered.

We also ordered a room with a brewing stand so we could make potions.  We need healing potions mostly.  Then someone bursted into our room.  His eyes were golden red and he was holding a Cormon sword.

“Where is the Elf?’”he growled

“Why are you here?” I said to him

He pointed his sword at me “Answer my question or I will kill you, where, is, the, ELF?”

“I am here,”Maple said.

“Come with me”

I pulled my sword out and tried to slice him.  He saw me and blocked me.  We parried strikes and I managed to get a hit on him and his skin started freezing over, he clawed at his skin.

“AHGG, MAKE IT STOP!!!, he yelled “ARGGG!!! 

“Can we reverse it?” I asked Maple.

“No,” Maple replied.

Then two soldiers burst in.

“We were chasing an assassin, and uhh, nevermind I think you killed him”, said one of them.

“Here’s your reward,” the second one said, as he placed Frost Diamonds in my hand.  “Use them wisely

“I  say we craft something,” I told them.

“Me too” replied Maple,” Frost Diamond Items are insanely powerful and are better than anything that shop down there is worth”.

“Okay let’s craft weapons” I said.

We crafted weapons with the frost diamonds, I made a Sword, Maple made a Spear, and Spruce made an Axe.  Afterwards, we went to sleep.

When we woke up we ordered some enderberry muffins, they tasted really good.  Afterwards we left for a dungeon for some loot and emeralds.

We found a dungeon, so we went in, 8 zombies attacked us, we easily took them down.

We had to kill a huge amount of skeletons, and we got some pretty good loot, we got a piece of flame gold, a rare gold.  

We killed the boss really quickly.  So we kept going to the kingdoms.

We made it after a month,  and we started a street food restaurant, we sell soup and tons of other stuff, and apparently we are the most popular in the city, even the king visited us and asked something shocking.

“Hello sir” We said

“Hello” the King said, “ I need to ask you something, I want you to cook for me, you’ get

good money and you’ll get to live near the palace.”

“No thanks, but we will cook for you, we won’t live near your palace, and we will deliver food daily every other day, but we have to stay here with the poor”.

“Very well”. Then the king left.

“Spruce,” Maple said,” Can you fetch some more mushrooms from our supply chests?”.

“Sure”. Spruce replied.

“Rune, I need to talk to you,”

“What is it?”

“I heard bandits talking about robbing our restaurant”

“WHAT, we have to stop them!”

“I don’t think we can, their squad is 10x  larger than ours and they have really good gear”

“Then lets ask the king”

We left to ask the king and we had to wait for 3 hours, by the time we made it the king had left and we had to go home.

We made it home by dawn but the shop was in flames, Spruce was gone and our materials were ashes.

“What happened???” I asked

“We stole your stuff” Maple said, then she morphed into a wolf-man and pulled out a netherite sword.

“You’re not Maple!!! “

We had a fight with our swords and eventually he died because of an axe I threw at him.  

He had a card that said middle circle 10687.  I charged to the address and burst the door open, where I saw Maple and Spruce tied up.

Then I did something incredible, I started doing magic!  I blasted a person with ice then launched a fireball at the other people and tentacles on my back spiked and grabbed the others, then they were all dead or injured and I cut Maple and Spruce out, but they were shocked.

“You are a descendant of the Reaper, the strongest undead fighter in the world,” Maple said 

The second she said that my sword morphed into a scythe, it was still frost diamond, just a different shape, then I started floating and robes draped across me, then the doors burst open and ten people with flame gold swords charge us, then in a second they’re on my tentacles and dead.  One was the leader and wasn’t dead, so we took him to the king’s quarters with food and burst the doors open.

“Sir, we found this bandit and his crew with tons of gold”.


“Yes, gold, and it had a tax seal on it”

“Well then, good job, guards take this man to the dungeon and tomorrow I want to see Rune at 8:45 in the evening.”

We left and headed back to our restaurant, or what was left of it, we had metal sheets, so we made a makeshift metal shack and slept there.

The next day we woke up and rebuilt the shop, and apparently having six tentacles helped a lot with the building. We finished it in 6 hours, then I had to go to talk to the king.

“Hello Rune.”


“Rune I heard you are a descendant of the Reaper and you can use elements right?”

“Yes I can”

“Come with me”

The King took me to the training arena.

“Destroy the dummies with your elements”

The dummies were destroyed instantly, and they had Steel Armor, too.  And a bunch of body parts flew all over the place, and one hit a guard.

“Uh I think you should go home,” the king said.

I headed home and saw a ton of people staying away from me, I guess they were scared of what I could do with my tentacles.  When I got back there was money sitting on the counter, it was a couple of gold coins

“Did you guys sell some stuff today?”

“Yep we sold a couple meldies and some of the cook books me and Spruce made last night.” 

“How much money did we make?”

“Around 63 gold coins”

“I think we should upgrade our shop

It took us 5 hours to renovate the shop, but it looks really nice now.  And Spruce updated our recipes so they taste better than ever, and now I’m the cook, because I can cook really fast.  Spruce told me the orders, I cooked, Maple passed everything out.

Today I stopped using my tentacles, mainly because they are hard to control and I need to get into a mine to get some iron, but they keep holding me back.

Apparently you can just tell them to go away and they fold away, Maple bought a diamond pickaxe so I could dig fast, and I found some Void Shard, Kypson, Esper, and Wolframite, all were pretty rare, considering I spent a whole day down there and only got 2-3 pieces of each, I went home and told them about how rare everything was.

“Are you sure it’s that rare?” Maple said

“Yes I’m sure, I came across only one coal vein AND IT HAD ONE PIECE OF COAL.

“Well we better move, cause I heard something about a raid,” Spruce said, coming into the room.

“Excuse me?” Maple said.

“ I heard some messengers telling everyone about a raid and it doesn’t sound pleasant, they said there are millions of monsters.”

“Then in that case let’s upgrade with these ores,” I said, showing them the ores I brought home.  

We started making extra weapons, I made the Heartreaper enchanted with Leeching, Spruce made Nightmare Sickles, and Maple made a Hunter’s Prey.

Then the war bell rang and we heard an explosion, then a zombie burst into our house, but Spruce nailed it in the head with a Sickle.

We rushed outside and we saw the castle being hit by fireballs. We rushed to the horses and fled.  When we got out we fled to the mountains, where we started a farm and made a bunker/house so we could hopefully survive an attack.

The next attack came a few weeks after we finished.  Multiple fire bombs blew up near the wheat and potato fields.  Maple yelled for everyone to get in the house. We had reinforced the glass on the top, so it was still see-through, but it can’t be easily broken.

Maple fired a few arrows and stopped a few fireballs.

“Get the iron shutters on quickly!”, I yelled

Spruce got to the switch first, and flipped it, which put iron sheets behind the doors and glass.  We had installed them after I threw a rock at the glass to test it, and it smashed the reinforced glass, and that rock was so SHARP AND HEAVY, it was like a mace.

Anyway, after the shutters, well, shut, we heard a bang and the walls trembled, we were about a meter deep, so something big must have hit the ground.  

A shard of molten metal went through one of the shutters and hit a stack of gunpowder, causing a large explosion, incinerating the harvest and burning the wooden supports holding the roof up.  

“EVERYONE OUT NOW”, I yelled as the shutters started collapsing.  A wooden log fell and pinned Maple down.

“Help!”, Maple cried.

“Spruce lift the log up, I’ll pull Maple up”, I shouted.

We got her out and rushed outside, and heard the flapping of wingbeats, and it meant only one thing:


We shot arrows randomly into the sky, and in return we got hit by a wave of fire, and got severe burns on our arms and legs.

Then we passed out.

We woke up in the fields, our weapons still fresh with dirt and a little bit of dragon blood.

We then proceeded to repair the house and replant crops, when we heard rumbling.

“What was that?” Maple asked.

“I dunno, let’s go find out,” Spruce replied.

As we walked up, we found a ravine and went inside, where we found a mineshaft, and in it, charred stone.

The only way charred stone could have been found was if there was a dragon den nearby. So we dug down and sure enough, a giant sleeping dragon was there.

We headed home and prepared, then we returned to the den.

“Shoot an arrow to wake it up”, I told Spruce, then he fired an arrow.

It woke up, and this was one pissed dragon, because it immediately looked up, saw us and launched toward us, extremely quickly, it tore through the stone and sent us launching through the air.  It started breathing fire and broke my Heartreaper with one hard slash and turned the trees around it to ashes and splinters.  Maple and Spruce fired arrows, while I charged in with an extra saber Maple made for me.  We killed it in about half an hour.

We looted its carcass and got dragon scales, blood, bones, and two EGGS!!!  Eggs are rare and they can hatch a dragon.  

The eggs we got were fire dragon eggs, so we could make fire dragonsteel with full grown dragons.

I let Maple and Spruce have the eggs, because they insisted, and I wanted a lightning dragon anyway.

After we returned we made dragon scale armor.  I had gray, Maple had red, and Spruce had green.  We made dragon bone blocks and dragonforge bricks, so we could make dragonsteel.  And the dragons hatched, they are so cute.  And they grew fast, and Maple and Spruce could ride them now. 

When we were ready we set out in search of a female lightning dragon, and we had to fight a few young male dragons before we could find a pregnant female, and she had one midnight black dragon egg, the exact color I wanted.

When we hatched it it was a boy and the patterns on his wings were beautiful, so we named him Capala.  He is a little slower than his fire breathing friends, but he was still amazing and his roars are incredibly cute.

Capala is three years old now, his friends- which we named Blaze and Fafnir- are now four.  They are old enough, at least in dragon years, that we can ride them.  

We flew to the nearest beach and we all played around, and Capala is an amazing swimmer because we did a race and he left Blaze and Fafnir in the dust, or should I say mist?  We plowed past Maple and Spruce and Blaze and Fafnir got really mad, so they started flying.

Capala electrified the water and picked up some fish for us.

When we got home, we put the dragons in their rooms.  Capala started making lightning dragonsteel ingots, because we had enough materials to.  He already made enough for a sword, so after I brought some shark for him, I took the ingots out of the forge and made the sword.

The next day as Capala started making ingots, we finished making one of the fire dragon forges.  It was for Fafnir- Maple’s dragon- to make but ingots Blaze- Spruces dragon- could help, and make the ingots faster.  When we finished putting it together, we heard a sort of roar, but it cut off and kept going until the final softest of them.

We ran outside and found a royal red, another type of dragon, killing pigs and burning the forest. We knocked it unconscious and took it to the ravine we found.  We left it there and it was gone the next morning.  We found a myrmex tunnel system and we explored it.  We found silver and the queen was nice to us.  It signaled for the workers to not attack and led us to more silver and gave it to us.  We left unharmed.

The next few months were not so eventful, but one day an army of zombies was slowly coming up the hill.  We got Capala, Blaze and Fafnir and flew to stop them,  and we actually pushed them back, but they came back with trolls.  We all flew over the zombies, and as the dragons breathed fire and lightning, we fired arrows to kill more of them.

“Use the TNT arrows!!!” I shouted.

Maple and Spruce rained the explosive arrows as me and Capala dropped bombs onto the oncoming zombies.  Capala and I went on the ground and we sliced and shot everything.  My new sword is really strong, so it goes right through most zombies.  The zombies had skeleton horsemen/cavalry and they got decimated by Capala’s lightning blast.  Fafnir and Blaze torched everything.  And finally we killed every last one. 

All of our weapons and armor were nearly broken and the dragons were tired, so we flew back and let the dragons sleep and repair our items.  

The next day was when I finished my Lightning dragonsteel armor.  I enchanted it all with Unbreakable III, including my sword.  Capala always left early to get us fish, and today he brought us rainbow trout, and a few eels.  We made rice and cooked up the eels.  We had a sort of soup and rice and it tasted good.  Then we heard a roar.

“I think the royal red is back”, I told them.

“Let’s go see,” Maple replied.

As we look outside, multiple royal reds are in the sky and setting the forest on fire.  One of them landed and tried to bite me, but I blocked it with a shield and bashed him in the foot.  He roared with pain and knocked me aside and wrestled with Capala in a fierce clash.  I saw Fafnir get bitten in the wing and blasted with blazing-hot blue fire and Blaze get tackled from above and clawed, but Capala was vulnerable to fire breath attacks unlike Fafnir and Blaze, and could very easily die from constant fire-breath attacks, but his lightning blasted the royal red and it fell to the ground, defeated.

Maple had just trapped another royal red with magic chains as Spruce pinned down and bashed the final one.

Capala had a broken tail and wing, Fafnir had severe slashes on his side and wings, and Blaze had her horn broken off, and Maple, Spruce and I had burns.  We started putting out the fires and found a village nearby.  It had a waystone and it was activated.  The villagers were very friendly and the Aegis didn’t attack us.  Aegis are guardians and they can take a lot of hits before falling back and regenerating their cuts.  One of the houses had a bestiary partially complete, so the owner told us to complete it for him and he would give us a reward.

“I want you to get an ice dragon, hydra, sea serpent, and myrmex specimens and write down what you learned and give it back to me.  Also try to tame the myrmex with resin so you  can learn more about them.” the man told us as he handed us some supplies and resin.

As we went to find an ice dragon, we found a myrmex hive, and we did what the man told us to do.  We circled around and dropped resin chunks for the workers and found out they have a storage system, so we wrote that down and moved on.

We found an ice dragon that was huge.  We attacked it but it was strong and nearly killed me.  Blaze got hit hard and got knocked unconscious and was out of the fight.  It froze Fafnir in place and Capala had to fight it one on one.  Capala was way smaller than the ice dragon and was way more agile, so he shot the big dragon with lightning, but he got hit by an ice bomb and plummeted to the ground.  The injuries he had were bad, but he flew back up and together we fought the beast, until he got hit again and fell unconscious.  I took out the beast with a couple spells I learned from Maple and looted its corpse.  We didn’t get an egg, but we got a ton of blood and scales.

As we were flying home, Capala couldn’t fly far without having to rest, and when we got home he flopped onto his bed and slept for three days while we tended his wounds and gave him enchanted apples to help speed up the healing.  When he woke up his wing hadn’t healed yet and he couldn’t fly, so he just made dragonsteel for a while.  

I made a dragonsteel halberd and we went in search of a hydra.  Capala was better now and he was flying fast.  So we found one and easily took it down.  We chose the hydra heart for a specimen and went to find a sea serpent.

We found it as it flung out of the sea, bit Maple and Spruce, and sent them plummeting down into the ocean.  It was battering Spruce and Maple was fighting Lacedons and a smaller sea serpent.  I jumped down and attempted to stop the big sea serpent but it knocked me away. My armor helped  me stay alive against the bashes and my sword killed it insanely fast, the small serpent wrapped around Maple and pulled her deeper into the depths.  We collected the scales and teeth and chased after Maple.  She was starting to go unconscious and she had lost her staff in the struggle with the serpent.  So she could only use a bronze dagger.  It didn’t do a thing against the serpent and broke on the fourth strike.  I was catching up to her quickly and when I did, I cut off its head and brang Maple back up to the surface.  She was cold and when we headed home, she was very sick. 

The next day we headed to the village, which was named Mezorcred by the way, to find medicine for Maple and to return the bestiary to its owner.  We traded for the medicine and we got some dragon blood of all types from the bestiary owner, which is awesome.

Maple got better in a couple days and we went dragon hunting because we needed more blood, scales, and bones.  The first dragon we fought was easy, because it got stuck in a cave and couldn’t get out.  The next was harder and we lost the loot from the first dragon because of it.  It leapt up and struck Fafnir and he went tumbling to the ground.  We killed it and looted its corpse.  We looked for the loot from the first and couldn’t find it.  So we kept going until Fafnir died from an undead artillery shot.  Maple got really mad and wiped out the entire camp with a DAGGER.  A WOODEN DAGGER.  With Fafnir gone Maple was broken hearted.  She just sat down with her head in her arms.  When we fought the next giant dragon she looked and saw what we carried back.  She was sad there was no dragon egg and just held the dragon summoning crystal that was linked to Fafnir.  We got an egg from the next dragon and her eyes lit up when she saw it.

“Can we eat something from the village we passed?” Spruce asked.

“Sure,” I replied.

As we headed towards the village we killed one more dragon and when we got there we had noodles.

We realized the egg was an ice dragon and we got even more excited, because we were going to have all three dragon types.  After we were home we let the egg hatch and it was amazing!!!  He had snow patterns on his wings.  And he was very close with Maple.

Maple named him Snowdrift.

Snowdrift can be ridden and loves to play with Capala and Blaze.  Snowdrift constantly surprised us and froze us.  Maple flew with him and taught him tricks.

My Snacks

My favorite snacks are chips and fruits like cantaloupe, water melon, and things like that. There are also snacks called Nori Make I love to eat. My brothers’ favorite snacks are ice cream, chips, and candy. The chip flavors we like are all types of barbecue, and different types of Doritos. The candy we like to eat are things like Jelly Beans, Mike and Ike, and things like that. My favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip. What snacks do you like to eat, and if so, which type.

From Past to Present

I used to be interested old vehicles, but now I am into newer vehicles like main battle tanks (MBTs) and self propelled guns (SPFs). The vehicles I used to make were T34 variants, M4 Sherman Variants, German Panzers, and Soviet heavy tanks. Now I make mainly MBTs like the K2 Black Panther and the Challenger II. I have gotten better from my very first tanks. They used to be so blocky and now my tanks have curves and are mainly smooth. Guess what tank I made next.

Dad’s Farts

My dad farts way to much and way to loud these days. Last night he let out a loud BLARP and we laughed for a while after. This morning my dad made a loud BLAP and we all laughed again. He is on a fart streak like Dan two years ago. Except Dan’s streak was burping, not farting. He burped at least twice every day for all of 2018.

PS: If you wanted to know what tank I built next, it was the Panzer IV Ausf G and I made the IS-2 Heavy Tank today

My New Schedule

Here’s my schedule on normal days:

9:30 Wake Up

10:00 Eat Breakfast

10:20 Read

11:00 Play Water with the Little guys

12:00 or 1:00 Eat Lunch

2:00 Play Video Games or Read

3:00 Have some snacks and read

4:00 Build LEGOs

6:00 Eat Dinner

7:00 Build some more Legos

8:00 Take a bath and brush teeth.

9:00 Read

9:30 Sleep