Skiing in Vermont

This week we went to Vermont to ski. The two resorts we went to were Okemo and Mount Snow. They were huge and we easily got lost. Okemo was the biggest of the two, having taken up two huge mountains. We found a ton of express ski lifts, which were rare in the three ski resorts close by. There were some lifts with a shield. Xuan really liked them because they were cool. Okemo was so big I had to pull out a map, and I had to guide my dad, Dan, Xuan to the double black and black slopes. We went on a literal journey to get to it. We went up lifts, down slopes, took a bathroom break, then went up and down again.

Mount Snow was not as small. My youngest brother Vuong went up on the biggest green slope, and it took him about an hour to get down. We all went the wrong way and had to take a lift to get the main area. We had a ton of fun and want to go back next year.


Me, my dad, Dan and Xuan go skiing every week, and we are pretty good. We can go on every slope and I’m pretty good at doing moguls. Dan snowboards instead of skis as well. Our favorite place to ski is Liberty Mountain Ski Resort. Our cousins also ski, but they aren’t as good, because a lot of them do the pizza stop. We have epic passes, which let’s us ski unlimited times without paying after we bought the passes. We have gone skiing ever since we could this season, and we started as beginners and went up to pros. My dad is slow, I’m fast, and Dan is savage. Yesterday he flew off a slope and his snowboard got stuck under packed snow. I can 180 turn and go backwards. We love skiing and will be sad when the skiing season ends.

Dan is a Bully

My brother Dan hits me way to much, so I hit him back. And when I’m just chilling he comes up to me goes all-out boogie man. He runs into the room, beats me up with pillows, then runs. He also sometimes grabs my LEGO creations. Then puts it down, gets on my computer, and after that tackles me.

This was a joke.

Any Sign of Life

Any sign of life is a Apocalyptic fiction book and the main character is a 16 year old girl named Paige. She is a basketball player and she caught an alien virus, but survived. She teams up with a boy named Trey and a girl named Tanq, and they set out on an adventure to locate other survivors. Along the way they find aliens known as farmers and they manage to kill one. They meet up with two other survivors and they fight against the farmers. They manage to make the farmers flee the planet by destroying one of their terraforming bases. Overall this book was pretty fun and I highly recommend it to anyone who like a book about the apocalypse.

Ski Trip

A week or two ago I went to North Conway, New Hampshire, and me and my family stayed there for a week. We skied a lot. The ski slopes are pretty hard, so we stuck to the green slopes (The easiest ones). Me and my brother Dan went up a blue slope (Slightly more difficult), and we got stuck. The ski patrol had to come get us and we stayed on the green slopes after that. My cousin came by on Wednesday and skied with us. He had the scariest looking ski mask though. It was a neon orange knit mask, and it looked like a robbers mask in movies. My dad also got stuck on the blue slope on Thursday. We had a ton of fun and we learned quite a bit of stuff. Dan got into snowboarding on this trip as well.

Happy New Year. 🥳

LEGO Transition

I transitioned from LEGO tanks to LEGO armored personal carriers (APC). The first was a striker, then a GTA5 Scarab mini-tank, and finally a GTA5 Insurgent pickup. I change what type of LEGO vehicles I make when I run out of things to build. Like today I changed to a tank I call the Trinity MK.3. It has a railgun, contraction armor, and a minigun.

I also play UNO Flip, basically UNO but hardcore. My friend went through an entire deck and didn’t win. Its fun and I love playing it.

Free Write #2

I’m loving school so far, and my favorite class is either Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) or History. I’m also going to start sewing in FACS next week. I built a LEGO Stryker with an auto turret. I’ve read like, three books in the last three weeks. I have Archery on Wednesday, Ice skating on Thursday, and Boy Scouts on Friday. Also I built a small vehicle called the Scarab and put a gun on it. I relearned the waltz jump because I forgot and was kind of scared, and I take Freestyle 1 in Ice skating. I play a lot of Minecraft and Roblox. My youngest brothers birth day is today, and my cousins was on Wednesday. Sorry I haven’t posted in a while and I also learned how to sew.

First Week Back

I got back to school on the 23rd. I attend Robinson Secondary School, and I’m pretty excited for the upcoming weeks. I have Math, Science, Physical Education, Spanish, English, Advisory, US History Honors, and Family and Consumer Science. I found my friends and old classmates in the halls. I also made two new friends. I really want to learn how to cook. And my teachers are very friendly. My favorite is probably English teacher. The downside is that I have to walk really far so my mom can pick me up. I have to walk like a quarter mile to get to our pickup zone, which is right outside my cousins school.