Dad’s Farts

My dad farts way to much and way to loud these days. Last night he let out a loud BLARP and we laughed for a while after. This morning my dad made a loud BLAP and we all laughed again. He is on a fart streak like Dan two years ago. Except Dan’s streak was burping, not farting. He burped at least twice every day for all of 2018.

PS: If you wanted to know what tank I built next, it was the Panzer IV Ausf G and I made the IS-2 Heavy Tank today

My New Schedule

Here’s my schedule on normal days:

9:30 Wake Up

10:00 Eat Breakfast

10:20 Read

11:00 Play Water with the Little guys

12:00 or 1:00 Eat Lunch

2:00 Play Video Games or Read

3:00 Have some snacks and read

4:00 Build LEGOs

6:00 Eat Dinner

7:00 Build some more Legos

8:00 Take a bath and brush teeth.

9:00 Read

9:30 Sleep

I love LEGOs

Lately I have been building a lot of LEGO stuff, like cannons, missiles and stuff like that. My builds are mostly wheeled vehicles, with one tank with tracks, and a ton of cannons. I also build things like battleships, starships, and other craft. I also have been using LEGOs for a few years, just for fun. My mom also wants to get me more track links so I can build more tanks. I agree.

Private Lessons

Today I went to SkateQuest Ice Arena in Reston, VA, to do private lessons with skating Olympic competitor Haruka Miranda. I learned how to make my posture correct when doing crossovers. I also learned how to do forward and backward inside and outside edges. Backward edges are kind of hard while forward are the easy. I practiced for a bit after my class and got the forward edges down.

Also in case you wanted to know, I built a new tank. Its modeled off the Russian KV-1 and the American T1 Heavy. I also made a missile launcher and it has a system to reload itself. Of course it doesn’t actually do it, but it looks pretty nice. Also only two more writing workshop sessions to go, and I’m kind of excited to hear what everyone’s stories are.

Cobi Supermarine Spitfire

My mom got me a plane kit from Cobi as a reward for getting fully vaccinated. It looks really cool. It is sort of like LEGO but Cobi makes military kits, whereas LEGO does not. It comes with 280 pieces and 1 minifigure. I also built a new tank called the T95, and I nicknamed it the Doom Turtle. Cobi sets also have actual facts on the back of the box, like the Spitfire MK. VB has 4x 7.7mm .303 Browning Guns 2x 20mm Hispano MK. II cannons. I’m super exited to build this and I might post a picture when I finish building it.

Some writing I did for my Assignment

As you can tell from the title, this is something I did as an assignment for my writing workshop. Here it is:

The two men walk off with bags full of meat and salt.  I throw myself into action.  One of the men, who has a hunter’s coat, is the one I throw myself at, he is burly and knocks me away.  I kick the bag out of his hands and some people come to bring it away. Others try to help restrain the man as I go for the other one with a bag full of venison and beef. 

The man tried to run, but we had a trip wire set up there.  As he runs in between a shop, he trips, and some other people seize the bag and others pin him down like the previous man, and the people who have the bags divide the food and give me a portion of it.  As I head back home I hand the food to others because I have some back where I live.

Other houses around the area are giving out food others like me collected.

Hope this good, just tell me in the thoughts.

I don’t know.

I don’t know what to write, so I just wrote this for fun. My brothers use bang snaps and they scare the crap out of me. They just throw it near me. I also made a new tank out of LEGOs, the M26 Pershing. I just made it with a make believe engine that is super powerful. The book I’m currently reading is called Fire and Heist. Its about this girl who is a wyvern and can transform between human and dragon forms.

This was just a free write so thanks for reading this.

Ice Skating

For two days in a row me and my dad have taken pretty long ice skating sessions and we got a lot done. We did the half flip jump on Sunday, and today we did the waltz jump. I was so happy when my dad got excited when he knew he could do a new technique. We would start by watching Coach Julia’s ice skating tutorials on YouTube, then we would warm up before going to the wall to practice the technique. Once had built up enough confidence to try it, we would go to a practice area at the middle of the rink and try it. Sometimes we would fall, other times we would do it first try.

So ice skating is really fun and I love it when I learn a new technique. My brothers seem to have lost interest in it though.

Super Sunday

Today was very eventful. Here’s how it went down: I wake up after having sleepover with my cousin Khoi. They are both still asleep, so I build LEGOs for a bit. After that Khoi and Dan get ready to go boating, I was staying because I was going to get my second dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine at 11:00. After they left I watched TV and my dad picked me up at around 9:30 to 9:45.

Once we get there my dad checks in for me and I get ready to take the vaccine. (I’m kind of scared of needles by the way). Shortly after I go in to take the vaccine. I didn’t really struggle and we were done pretty quick.

After we went back home to rest and make sure I was okay, my dad and I went to ice skate at the Fairfax Ice Arena, and we had a blast. I learned how to do a Half Flip jump and my dad learned how to do it too. We also practiced other things like Forward Arabesques, Two Foot Spins, and the Pivot.

After ice skating for three hours we were hungry, so we went to our favorite Ramen place, called Marumen. I ordered pork buns and ate those because I wasn’t that hungry. My dad ate a big bowl of spicy miso ramen and we left.

Once we got home we took a rest and started cutting apples for apple pie and then Dan came home and Khoi’s family came over for dinner. We had delicious Gỏi cuốn for dinner and had the apple pie for dessert. It was great and was so good I had two big slices. After we played a game on ROBLOX called BedWars and we had a ton of fun. Today was insanely fun and want to do it again, except for the shot part.

Writing Workshop

My writing workshop started on Tuesday. It’s tons of fun, with only a few assignments to do and a lot of 100 word stories in 10 minutes, it is a fun workshop to do. Also we can write as a group and watch shorts. I wasn’t feeling good today so I didn’t participate as much. Overall this workshop is tons of fun!!!